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The Dubai-based perfume, cosmetics and jewelry chain will be the first international luxury retailer to open its doors in a previously war-torn area of Iraq.

The renovation is part of a major overhaul of Duty Free, the country's largest duty-free shop. The city also has one of the largest liquor stores in the Middle East and the second largest in Iraq. Iraq has a duty - free at Baghdad, Baghdad International Airport, Al-Azhar and Baghdad Airport. In October 2015, Iraq Duty Free opened a refurbished Arrivals store with a new liquor area and reintroduced the category after a 13-year absence.

Visa-free access is only granted to those arriving from Turkey at Baghdad International Airport and only to those holding valid visas from other countries.

If you are unsure which items can be shipped from Iraq to the United States, please visit the Iraqi Treasury Department website and click the link above for UPS import restrictions. For more information about companies that want to do business in Iraq, visit the US Customs and Border Protection website. Matthew Schweitzer is by no means a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC, where he focuses on Iraq and Persian Gulf security.

Since 2004, the year of the invasion of Iraq, I have rebuilt the State Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control's import / export business, offering to export anything anyone wants to Iraq for free.

A little over a decade later, Iraq has become one of the Middle East's most important oil and gas markets. Sinopec got into Iraqi crude, marketed it to China, and ultimately kept all of its assets in northern Iraq. The opening came with the signing of a $1.2 billion deal to license oil and gas exploration land in 2003. American oil companies such as ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron and Chevron have secured a foothold there and a little over a year later.

In an unusually large project in Iraq, the contractor is a Ramadi businessman who runs the country's largest oil and gas company, Sinopec, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). The Iraqi company is considered one of the largest in the world in terms of investment in oil, gas and natural gas exploration, "says a spokesman for a company that has been doing business with Iraq since the 1990s. If you're an expat, it's a locally-based business and they see you as an important part of their business model, "he says.

The largest sports city in the Middle East, located in Shatt al-Basra, is shortened by Basra Sports City. The city is on the edge of Iraq's second-largest city, Basra, and some of its largest oil fields are within the province. According to the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, most Iraqi oil exports leave the Al-Basrah oil terminal.

If your city is not on the list of canned ships, don't worry, you can deliver your US purchases directly to the US Embassy in Basra via the Al-Basrah port. They will not be able to deliver to Iraq, as they cannot deliver from the United States. However, if you receive goods from Iraq, they will be delivered to you in the United States.

I try to shop as much as I can in Basra and Baghdad, mainly from Basra, to create jobs. The Kurdish region, which is relatively safe from the rest of Iraq, has seen huge growth and investment in recent years, making Erbil a convenient destination for businesses in the region. Iraq's fertile heartland, Lower Mesopotamia, is home to many of the world's largest oil and gas reserves, as well as a large number of oil wells. It is also the site of many important religious sites, such as the Abu Hanifa Mosque in Baghdad, built by the Ottoman Empire, the birthplace of Islam, and the first mosque in Baghdad itself.

However, the majority of Iraqi Arabs speak two different languages: the northern variant, known as Qeltu-Iraqi, is spoken in Basra and Erbil, while the southern variant is known as Gilit-Iraqi in Baghdad, Karbala and Amarah.

As for modern attractions, most are in the form of tourist attractions such as the ancient city of Kerbela, located on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, and the sacred sites of Basra and Erbil. Still, Iraq has "many good places to do business that are still a culture," says Watt, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin College of Business.

A 65,000-seat stadium will be built on the outskirts of the city, which will be one of the largest in the Middle East. It is due to be completed early next year and will be home to Iraq's first football team, Basra City Football Club.

The IMF estimates that, based on current prices, Iraq's GDP per capita more than doubled between 2009 and 2012, from $1,000 to $2,500 per year, the equivalent of a hedge fund manager's annual income at the Paris gallery. Iraq is aiming to open the store as a duty-free shop, and the new arrival store at Nineveh Terminal opened on March 28.

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