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Much construction is underway along the Shatt al-Arab River that runs through Basra, and it has been revealed that the master plan for redevelopment will include a huge vertical city called Bride. Both sides have many roads, the most important of which is the al-Rusafa side, where al-Rasheed street is located in the heart of Baghdad, near the city center and the Bab Al-Qasr mosque. Parallel to this road runs the Abu Nuwas road, which is located between the Jumhouriya Bridge and the al Jadriya section and is considered one of the busiest and most popular roads in Baghdad and the capital of Iraq.

The University of Baghdad, a trendy residential district, is located on the peninsula formed by the bend of the Tigris south of Basra.

In this heavily guarded area is the Republican Palace, built by Saddam and his family. The place to dispose of in Hayaniya and Jumhuriya is a Shiite slum in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from Baghdad University.

There, in late 2014, I met with an Iranian intelligence official and offered to spy for Iran and tell the Iranians everything I could know about American activities in Iraq. The Abbasid Palace overlooking the Tigris River is one of the few surviving examples of an ancient palace in the city of Baghdad. The Fahad al-Arab Hotel, just a few blocks from the Republican Palace, is the old Shatt al-Arab Hotel, built decades ago as an Art Deco resort for Westerners.

The money changer I used in Baghdad lived in the Netherlands for 12 years and recently returned to Iraq. Turkish Airlines flies twice a day from Istanbul to Baghdad, and Middle East Airlines flies twice a day between Baghdad and Beirut, and once a week from Beirut to Istanbul.

Iraq's national airline, Iraqi Airways, has a long-term lease agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Given the flood of new signings in Iraq, it is currently one of the few countries in Europe and the Middle East that has no demand or supply problems. The ongoing conflict in Iraq has forced more and more airlines to tow flights in and out of Iraq. Hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, Marriott International, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, and Hilton International have made successful progress in Iraq in recent years, and several other global chains have signaled their intention to follow suit.

The increased air connections have given hoteliers the necessary security, as hotel buildings are not only being built in important cities such as Baghdad and Basra. However, this is one of the most dangerous countries in the Middle East and even here it is essential to remain vigilant. Be aware that Iraq, unlike other places that have been war zones recently, has minefields everywhere, so be on the lookout for signs of conflict.

The policy of Iran and Iraq, the report says, has enabled the Americans to return to Iraq with greater legitimacy. Unaoil Al-Jarah ridiculed the promises of the US government after the fall of Saddam Hussein that Iraqis would benefit from Iraq's oil wealth. In fact, they have fleeced the people of Iraq, and workers on the highway are to be found in parts of old buildings and in the streets of Basra itself.

Iran has gained points by taking a hard public line against Kuwait and deriding the oil-rich Persian Gulf state as an "American stooge." While Iran may have defeated the US in its battle for influence in Baghdad, it is struggling to win the support of the "Iraqi South."

Iraqi soldiers are now stationed in Basra, which is being used according to the model mandated by General David Petraeus after his successful troop surge in Baghdad two years ago. Iraqi troops, whose troops come mostly from outside Basra, control the police, though some are considered unreliable, having been dismissed after the 2003 US and its allies invaded Iraq for failing to clean up the city's chaos.

There has been at least one pioneering tour in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and the Kurdish north of Iraq. The easiest way to behave in Europe, America and Iraq is by train or bus, with a few stops in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

You can take a local night train from Basra to Baghdad or you can travel to Iraq by bus, train, bus or taxi accompanied by a guide. You must obtain a visa for each place you wish to visit and obtain it in the same way as you arrived. Once you have your visa, you don't need to leave Iraq before you arrive, so if you get a ticket to one of the big cities like Baghdad or Erbil, Iraq won't surprise you.

When Saddam Hussein invaded Iran in the 1980 "s, Basra, barely ten miles from the border, was turned into a war zone. With more than 60,000 Iraqis fleeing their homes in a month, the sound of pipes - in music and the smell of oil smoke from oil refineries - was half a world away from occupied Iraq. Iraq is considered the birthplace of many of the oldest civilizations on earth, including Babylonians and Assyrians. Baghdad, capital of the Republic of Iraq, is itself imbued with a sense of honor for its honorable past and a radiant present.

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