Basra, Iraq


Basra is an Iraqi city which is located between Kuwait and Iran. It is also Iraq’s main port. It was founded in 636ad. It has high temperature which normally exceeds 50°c. It has lots of tourist places like basrah museum, natural history museum, Zubair land and many more.

Places to visit:

  • Basra museum: It is the museum in Iraq which is housed in the former palace of Saddam Hussein. It was established in 2016.
  • Natural history museum: It has lots of paintings and different type of arts in it. It has artificial lion, giraffe and many other animals.
  • Zubair land: It is an amusement park in iraq. It has lots of rides and water park in it. There is free lunch with the tickets.
  • City julphar games: It has wonderful rides and water activities in it. It has well cleaned and safe play area for small kids.
  • Casino AIAsyad: It casino is in centre of Basra. Its interior is very beautiful. It has a proper security and have good space and crowd for family.
  • University of Basra: It is the university of Basrah. The view from this University is amazing. It is surrounded by the water and its garden and flooring is so cleaned.
  • Basra times square: It is located on the dinar street of Basrah. This mall has lots of shops and restaurants to visit.

Places to stay:

  • Basra international hotel: It is a 5-star hotel. It has swimming pool and outdoor tennis court in it. It has around 202 rooms with lots of facilities.
  • Mnawai Basha hotel: It is 40 minutes away from Basrah international airport. It has 114 rooms which has lots of facilities.
  • Shams Al- Basra hotel: It has open swimming pool and proper fitness centre in it. It has a special place for children to play.
  • Basra touristic hotel: It’s room service and other services are amazing. It has rooftop open restaurant and pool in it.
  • Castle hotel: It is built in a form of a castle. The city view from this hotel is amazing. It has good furniture and dining is amazing